delay OFF car motorcycle front lights timer switch relay 1 to 750 s kit 12V 7A

Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 750 seconds.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 750 seconds.
- length - 47 mm
- width - 23 mm
- height - 17 mm
Relay output:  15А/125V DC
                       12A/24V DC or AC      
                       7A/12V DC
Has NOT contact only
Power:  + ,  -  Have protection against reverse supply voltage.
Power supply - 12V DC
Time is adjusted by trimmer - 100K
Timer don’t have power consumption when it is in standby mode – (open relay)
Principe of work:
When power is on, the relay wait for filing a 12V+ pulse at activating input. When it is received - timer is activated and keep that position, until end of set time.
By filing new pulse - cycle repeat.
Timer can be used for delay off car front lights: 
- Red wire is wired to contact switch
- Feeding must be permanent + and -  comes to car battery 
- NO contact to Front light 
- Other wire at front light – to 12V-
- Com - to 12V+
When contact switch is on – it will provide 12V+ to the timer and it will close the relay( the lights will cone on). When contact switch is turn off – the timer will start countdown and lights will stay on for the set time ( up to 750s). Then it will go off.
Please note – if power consumption of the lights is more than 7A (  84w 12V) must be placed separate powerful relay at the place of bulb at the schematic, to avoid damage of the timer.
Device doesn't  have plastic box, only plate, as see on the picture.
 Package contents:
1. Time Relay
2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.